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CWA & AT&T Reach Neutrality Agreement

20 Sep, 2021

In a huge win for us and fellow IHX workers across the nation, CWA negotiated with AT&T and reached an agreement for the company to honor card check and a neutrality agreement for the IHX workforce! This means that IHX workers can organize to join the union, free from company interference to win a voice at work. 

This means we have the opportunity to have a voice at work! AT&T management signed a strong agreement with CWA that protects IHX workers’ right to join the union and be active without fear of retaliation. 

It’s especially important now because IHX workers around the country are making it clear we want to join the union. More and more of us and our fellow IHX employees have been reaching out to current CWA members about the issues they’re seeing on the job - lack of job security, loss of work life balance and flexible schedules, and pay raises that don’t keep up with the cost of living. 

With the new national agreement in place, it’s a critical time for IHX to join with the rest of AT&T employees in pushing for big improvements in the company.

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