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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why are IHX workers organizing to join a union?

We want to join a union to improve our working conditions and benefits. We’ve talked with hundreds of our IHX co-workers and a lot of our concerns are the same. Many of us are worried about the lack of job security, loss of work life balance, pay raises that don’t keep up with the cost of living, expensive healthcare costs, and more.

By coming together to join a union, we will have a say in our working conditions and benefits. We can sit down and negotiate a contract with management that addresses our issues. We can exercise our voices and push for improvements within AT&T!

2. What’s the process? How do IHX workers in my state join the union?

CWA negotiated with AT&T and reached an agreement for the company to honor card check and a neutrality agreement for the IHX workforce. Click here to read and learn more about the agreement. This means IHX workers in each state will decide whether or not we want to join together in a union. Once a majority of us in a single state sign a card indicating that we wish to join together, then the union will send the signed cards to the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The AAA will quickly verify that a majority of employees have chosen union representation. Management has agreed to immediately recognize our union once that happens.

3. Can I be retaliated against by AT&T for talking to my co-workers about supporting a union with CWA?

No. AT&T's policy and federal law protect our rights to support and speak to each other about the union at work while on break. AT&T is also officially neutral on employees joining together into the union, which applies to all managers. Mobility policy explicitly directs managers not to pressure or discourage us in any way from supporting the union. We are confident that there will be zero retaliation for signing a union card and becoming active in your union.

4. If we join the union, what kind of benefits can we improve? Will we lose benefits we currently have?

By joining a union, we can improve our benefits and working conditions. After Arkansas IHX workers voted to join and negotiated their contract, they didn’t lose the benefits they had. They did gain a lot like a negotiated pay scale, cheaper healthcare deductibles, job security and more. Click here to learn more about what Arkansas IHX workers won after joining the union.

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Do you have more questions? Click here to ask them & someone will reach out to you with answers.