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About Us

As people who work in IHX, no matter our differences, we want pretty similar things. We want to be paid enough to provide for our family, have the time and means to take a loved one to the doctor, and retire with dignity. When we have the freedom to act in union, we achieve these things.

But today, corporations profit from being able to divide us against each other based on what someone looks like, where they come from, or what job title they have. Often, a handful of corporate leaders spread misinformation and use it as a tool to make us fear one another so we can’t come together to demand a fair return on our work. 

Our strength is grounded in our ability to work together and protect our freedom to join together in union. Across the country, others who work at IHX in Arkansas, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, and Nevada have already made a commitment and joined the union. Arkansas IHX negotiated a strong contract that includes a negotiated pay scale to keep up with the cost of living, cheaper healthcare so taking your child to the doctor doesn’t break the bank, and job security so you can always expect your next paycheck. 

Being there for family isn’t negotiable. Here in IHX we believe by joining together, we make a future where we all get a fair return on our work. Click here to add your name to the pledge and join us now by making a commitment to support a union at IHX.